Thursday, January 20, 2011


I spoke too soon last Thursday when I said I felt great – it was probably just the impact of the steroids.  The after-effects of the chemo really took hold on Friday - I felt as though I’d been hit by a bus! Every part of my body throbbed and pounded with pain.  In the evening I took a big swig of liquid Morphine and managed to sleep for a bit.  I felt marginally better on Saturday and then a bit better again on Sunday, but then started uncontrolled coughing on Sunday evening, just after the carer changeover from Karen to Peter.  It was apparently a chest infection, but I didn’t get a wink of sleep all night and my GP (who is brilliant) had to make a house call on Monday and got me on antibiotics (again!).  If there hadn’t been an improvement by the next day, he was planning to get me admitted to Christie’s, but there was a massive improvement by Tuesday, and by Wednesday, I was back to normal (at least what passes for normal these days). 

The other side-effect was the nausea and complete inability to contemplate eating anything.  The anti-nausea pills helped, but the thought of eating even tiny quantities of food was enough to set me off retching.  However, eating is now easier and I’m pampering myself with only food that I really fancy, regardless of whether it’s good for me or not (or ethically sourced/transported – the planet will have to look after itself for a while).

So, I’m up for visitors again.  I prefer arrangements to be made by e-mail or text, since telephone calls interrupt my daily naps, and I particularly don’t like phone calls in the evening, so be warned!

Anyway – the latest on my book is that Tony Dale has been an absolute star and has started going through the chapters and indicating where he thinks passages can be deleted or shortened, which gives me something to work on over the next few weeks.  I’ve also got interviews lined up for material to finish off the last chapter and some ideas from Neil on how to link the Introduction with what’s happening currently on the Council to make it up to date and relevant.

And, in relation to the new project idea I had when my brain was buzzing on Thursday – this is to set up a Manchester EMA Trust fund for those students currently in the middle of a 2-year A-level course who have had the rug pulled from under them. From my experience of setting up charities, and contacts with business people etc, I’m sure it will be possible to set something up and garner enough funds to help a significant number of young people.  I need to talk to more people about it, but – watch this space!

Well, that’s all for now.  I’m due to see the consultant on Wednesday for blood tests CT scan and to discuss the next steps (and quiz him some more about the survival statistics).  Next chemo session due on 2nd February and I don’t know if they’ll change the ‘cocktail mix’ in the light of my experience, or whether my reaction will be better or worse than the first time.  At least I know what to expect now – forewarned is forearmed!

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