Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Body heals itself

Kath can replace this post - this is just a quick update. Kath is being discharged from hospital tomorrow morning (Thurs 16 Dec).  It turns out they didn't actually do the operation.  They knoocked her out, did a bronchoscopy, put the needle in to put in the talc, but found that the lining had already fused itself to the lung. Also the bronchoscopy didn't find anything to explain why she is coughing up blood. Not sure what this all means, other than she is coming home sooner than we were expecting.  So if anyone is thinking of visiting, please ring the house tomorrow afternoon and you can arrange with her yourself when to call round.  I visited her this afternoon in hospital and she was in good spirits, if somewhat confused (as am I) about what exactly is going on.


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