Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nice things

Karen is living with me, and she and Peter are providing fantastic support and we are concentrating on doing nice things together whenever possible. The news has been devastating for all of us and I’m concerned about how they are coping.  I’ve now come to terms with it myself, and, with the help of painkillers, am planning to do as much as possible over the next few months, but of I’ve resigned from almost everything I’ve been involved with (apart from the Friends of Ghyll Head EC and the Labour Party - although will be playing a much reduced role).

The house is full of flowers sent by well-wishers.  Karen and I have had to buy more vases and have run out of places to put them.

For those who have only just heard the news, the posts below are in reverse chronological order, starting with the background that the doctors think is relevant, working up to the most recent news. Otherwise, the latest news starts above here.

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