Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poorly but still optimistic

I know its been 2 weeks since my last posting, but I’ve really been too ill to focus on it.  My reaction to the 2nd dose of chemo on 2nd February was much worse than the first.  I didn’t have an infection and I didn’t have the thudding ache all over my body that I had the first time, but I felt more nauseous and generally unwell for much, much longer.  In fact, I felt so bad that I was contemplating not continuing with doses 3 and 4 – reasoning that I’d rather have a shorter lifespan feeling well than a longer one feeling like sh…..!  By the time of the review meeting at the Christie yesterday, I was feeling a good deal better (although not as well as I’d felt after the first dose), but very breathless, and had decided to ask for a week’s deferral for dose 3 on the grounds that I was not strong enough to withstand it.

I saw a different doctor who was very forthcoming and explained a lot of things about the chemo and the life expectancy - basically - for patients with non-small cell lung cancers who respond to the chemo, life expectancy increases to 2 years (or more with further treatment) so they do recommend continuing.  The X-Ray and blood tests showed no fluid on the lung or infection (possible causes of the breathlessness) and no progression of the cancer.  He thought that I would feel much better by next week (23rd) and so shouldn’t yet cancel the appointment.  However, if I continue to feel bad by Tuesday, I've to phone the specialist nurse and they will defer the treatment for a week and arrange a CT scan so they can really check the impact of the chemo so far.  I’m happy with that arrangement and in fact do feel a lot better, and a lot less breathless, today.  

Linda was brilliant at the Christie and pushed me in a wheelchair from the treatment centre to the x-ray, then to the cafe to get lunch and then to the afternoon clinic (after the doctor had chance to examine the x-rays and the blood samples (I think she was knackered though). I got a taxi home and slept for an hour and felt a lot better afterwards.

To all those who have sent me e-mails, cards and letters, please accept my apologies for not replying.  Now that I’m feeling so much better, I will get round to it in the next few days, and I will post a blog update next Thursday.

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