Thursday, February 24, 2011

Even longer marathon at Christie's

In the context of the seismic changes taking place in the Middle East and the hundreds of people dying for democracy, it seems very self-indulgent to be blogging about my health concerns, but in the classic phrase from Mastermind – “I’ve started, so I’ll finish” – but I’ll keep this short.

I decided to go ahead with the 3rd dose of chemo yesterday, despite my trepidations about the likely cumulative effect of it.  The day at The Christie was even more of a marathon than before – 15 hours in total.  The treatment centre had 5 fewer staff than needed and too many patients booked in.  I didn’t finish on the drip until 1am, and wasn’t the last one to leave.  The staff didn’t allow the stress and the late working hours to change their behaviour towards the patients and were very cheerful and efficient, but they shouldn’t have had to tolerate the situation, nor should the patients have had to suffer such delays and additional stress.  I shall be putting in a complaint to the Chief Executive of the Trust.  

Anyway, today (as with the previous pattern) I’ve felt very well and able to eat normally.  I expect the real problems to kick in tomorrow, but Peter is here and staying overnight and my sister (Barbara) is coming tomorrow, then Karen is back on Saturday, so I shall be well looked after. I couldn’t have wished for better supportive care.  I expect to be out of contact for at least 2 weeks, but will then hopefully be back in touch and able to catch up with everyone’s news 

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