Monday, March 7, 2011

Not as bad as expected

I started to feel human again on Friday and have continued to feel better each day, apart from still being breathless after the slightest exertion.  So I wasn’t ill for as many days as from the 2nd dose of chemo (8 days as opposed to 14).  If this pattern is repeated for the 4th (last) dose on 16th March then I feel much more optimistic about being able to cope with it. 

Karen and I had a lovely afternoon out at Debdale park when the sun was shining and all the crocuses and snowdrops were out, but the undulating paths made it hard work for her pushing me round in the wheelchair.

I’m making good progress with the book editing, but still need more input for the last chapter covering 1995-1997 (‘Change of Leader and IRA bomb’) so if any members of the Labour Group reading this blog have any recollections of that period to offer, please get in touch. 

I’m due to see the Oncologist on Wed 9th and hope to get some more information about what’s likely to happen after the last dose of chemo (as well as what can be done about alleviating the breathlessness). And finally, you may be interested to know that I haven’t lost my hair (which was expected) so haven’t had the opportunity to wear the lovely, brightly-coloured hats I bought in anticipation. 

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