Sunday, March 27, 2011

All is calm now

Karen had her appendix out last Saturday and was discharged on Sunday.  It was ‘key-hole’ (so-called) surgery which means three holes in her abdomen rather than one big cut. It’s been painful for her walking about of course and she was promoted to patient no. 1 with Peter promoted to Carer no. 1 (what a good man he is) and me relegated to patient no. 2.   Given all the support they’ve both given, I’m letting them off doing anything for Mother’s day.

Although we planned a quiet recuperative week, it turned out to be very busy.  We had stair-lift companies coming to measure up and quote, a second visit from our new cleaner, a Tesco food delivery, a visit to St Ann’s hospice, a consultation with an acupuncturist (for me), a visit to a garden centre (me in the wheelchair and Karen with a walking stick), my CT scan at the Christie, and some visitors when Peter needed a break.  This might not sound a lot to some people, but for us it was hectic (given that getting up and having a shower takes nearly half a day).
Karen is well on the mend now, I’ve been promoted back to patient no. 1 and Peter and Jenny are having a weekend away (Jenny’s mother died a week ago).  I’m making progress on the book – just final editing to do now, and we’ll be open again for visitors soon (although we’ve a lot of appointments this coming week) - I’ll be in touch.

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