Friday, March 18, 2011

You won't believe it!

The latest episode in our family drama is so unbelievable that if it was part of a TV soap opera, the script would be rejected as too far-fetched.

When Karen got back from Northampton on Monday evening, she had back and abdomen pains and then started vomiting violently (around 11pm).  Within a short space of time she was in excruciating pain and thought she had kidney stones again (first experienced 4 or 5 years ago).  After trying the out-of-hours doctor service (too slow) I eventually got an ambulance.  She took some of my liquid morphine (which the paramedics were not happy about when they arrived, but it brought down her pain).  Fortunately Neil and Christine were able to come round and Christine went to MRI in the ambulance with Karen and Neil stayed with me until I had calmed down.  After 5 hours in the hospital, Karen was discharged (Neil brought her home) with antibiotics and pain killers – they said no kidney stones, but possible diverticulitis - and gave  instructions for her to be seen by GP in 48 hours.  I had to register her with my GP, which couldn’t be done over phone of course, but Vera was available to take me to the surgery to fill out all the forms.  GP came on Thursday morning and diagnosed possible appendicitis and arranged for re-admission to hospital.  Fortunately, Peter was here by then (now finished working in London) and he was able to take her in. 

Peter took me in the wheelchair to visit her today and she has been put on the list for appendix to be taken out tomorrow sometime.  She looks (and feels) OK now but is not happy about having an operation.  However, it seems the best solution because otherwise the problem will recur and appendix might perforate.  So, Peter is supporting both of us now, and his partner, whose mother’s death is imminent from a brain tumour.  If re-incarnation is true, we must have all done something really terrible in our previous lives.

I know everybody is keen to visit and help, but at the moment, it’s hard to think of things people can do.  We have plenty of food in and mainly just want to rest.  I’m feeling OK and the steroids are helping with the breathlessness.  I can cook and do things for myself and am managing to stay positive.  I have a CT scan on 25th and review meeting with Oncologist on 30th.  Should then be able to get a more accurate prognosis.  I’ll be in touch about visiting next week when I know when Karen will be home and how much help we will need from then on.  

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