Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dress code for the funeral

There isn't one! Wear what ever you feel comfortable wearing, black or bright colours, smart or casual (but I draw the line at naturism - it will be too cold!). Kath would not have cared and neither do we ;-) I only mention this as a few people have asked me.


  1. Well today was happy and today was sad. Saying goodbye to Kath was profound for me so I drank a little personal toast to her - not too much to upset her. I remembered the romantic in her that made her the socialist and feminist she was. I am proud to have spoken at her celebration and to paint a little part of the picture of the whole woman she was. Thank you seems not quite enough so, "Here is to you, my good Comrade. You moved our world onwards and for the better." Tony

  2. Friday was a fitting memorial for Kath and all the speakers deserve a special commendation. Each person knew a different facet of Kaths full and wonderful life.
    I feel honoured to have known her and to have shared some of the good moments. She was Ghyll Heads "best" Friend of Ghyll Head.
    Ghyll Head