Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some pictures to remember

I am uploading some pictures to my flickr pages here. If anyone has information about any people who are also in the photos or when they were taken, please feel free to add comments to each one. Also please feel free to send me any photos you have that you think could go up there.


  1. Message from Gita Conn
    I don't have a photo of Kath, but... Just wanted to say that we became friends when we were both non-exec directors of Central Manchester Healthcare Trust and bonded and were duly kicked off because, Kath said, we were "the trouble-makers"!



  2. I was Secretary at Ghyll Head Outdoor Education Centre until April 2010, when I retired after 22 years. I felt moved touched and honoured when she attended my leaving party.I had the privilege of knowing Kath for many years, she was an inspiration, and someone who made a difference on many levels, indeed it is likely Ghyll Head would have been closed if not for Kath's untiring work and dedication. She will be missed by so many people. Heartfelt condolences to Karen, Peter and families.

  3. I met Kath in 1976 when I started my first job at Salford Careers Office and with her practical help, kindness and support she saved me from going under. She quickly became a valued friend and I remember many happy evenings at her house talking about - well - everything. We always kept in touch when I moved away, but though we rarely met, after family news the conversation would quickly turn to politics (what else?), education and the rest - always so interesting and stimulating, but also with a laugh at the absurdities of life. I always admired Kath for her energy, her humanity and her integrity, and I will miss her. My husband Steve and I send all our sympathy to Karen and Peter. Kate Keeling