Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One year on

Local elections tomorrow and I am sure that Kath's political colleagues and friends will be reminded that she died on election day last year (5th May).  How quickly a year goes by.

I thought that I would add a little message to say that I hope those of you who are thinking of her do so fondly and do not feel so sad.  Grief is a difficult thing to live with, but with time we all get used to it.

I have been asked what is happening with Kath's book.  I am hoping to have it available in both printed and ebook format very soon for people to buy.  I want it to be available at cost with an option to donate to Friends of Ghyll Head.  I just need to do some final amendments to the type-setting, which I am hoping I can do in May now that I am back in Manchester full time and not working for the moment.  If you are keen to get a copy look back on here at the end of May where I hope details of how to get it will appear, or ring me on her landline number, which is now mine.

The folder of photos of Kath are still in my flickr account if anyone wants to look through them as a reminder:

Hope the election goes the way you want it to.

All the best.

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