Saturday, April 30, 2011

Not very eventful week but more positive information on the 'wellbeing' front

Apart from the continuing glorious weather, the highlight of Saturday 23rd was the new ‘Dr Who’ episode, and Sunday we just chilled out (and I did some more ‘stuff’ sorting), but Bank holiday Monday was a bit more eventful. Karen and I drove up to a local ‘tourist site’ - Ryecroft Hall which had pretty impressive gardens (owned by Tameside Council) but then gave up trying to get into another local garden centre (because of the queues).  In the evening we went to the Chernobyl 25th Anniversary memorial concert (organised by Lydia) at St Ann’s church in the city centre.  Les’s Beech Road band was in good form with their English and Irish folk tunes and Bolton Clarion choir were in good voice.  It was lovely to see all my former singing colleagues and I mouthed along to the words of the Russian song we learned nearly 2 years ago.  The evening was part of a world-wide memorial and particularly poignant in the light of the Fukushima catastrophe.  

On Tuesday, the District nurse came to check out Karen's wound dressings and the GP called to discuss my new pain med regime and make a referral to the consultant at St Ann’s Hospice for an in-depth discussion about ‘prognosis’ etc. Then Peter, Karen and I had a lovely afternoon with cousins Colin and Anne.  On Wednesday, Karen drove down to Northampton (to pick up more of her ‘stuff’ and see friends) and Peter came to stay over for the night.  I had some pampering in the afternoon (Pedicure and Reflexology), but more importantly, received through the post a lovely letter from Terri (Bolton choir) and information about an organisation called ‘canceractive’ which is a non-profit-making organisation dedicated to publishing information for cancer patients on research, what the various drugs are designed to do (and their side effects), treatments (alternative and otherwise) and is basically about improving one’s wellbeing and holding the disease at bay as much as possible.  I’m very interested in all this (and have nothing to lose from trying things out) and will be posting more about this as I try things out.

Lots of visitors on Thursday and then on Friday a short sojourn at Bernard and Debbie’s “Not the Royal Wedding” party (Neil was my Chauffeur). Today’s highlights were a lovely few hours with Tony Lloyd reminiscing and talking politics, Karen’s return from Northampton and ‘Dr Who’.

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