Friday, April 8, 2011

What a lovely day its been today

I had a lovely afternoon in Fletcher Moss Park with Gita today and managed to walk around most of the gardens without getting too breathless. Stairs are still a problem though, but having the stair lift has made a big difference since I can now go up to the loo without panting for breath for 5 minutes.

Since the last posting I’ve started to have some difficulties with pain again, but I’m hoping the acupuncture will address that rather than having to increase the number of tablets.  Also, another 2 lumps have appeared under my armpit and I saw the senior Oncologist at lunch-time today who confirmed that a blast of radiotherapy should sort them out - appointment expected within 2 weeks.

Despite all this, I’m still feeling very well; eating and sleeping well, so am optimistic that I’ll have 4 months rather than 2.  Karen is doing well and getting stronger every day. We had our first trip out into the world last Saturday (an overnight stay at Peter’s house in Macclesfield) but it highlighted the difficulty of being away from familiar surroundings and the joy of ones own bed, which led to my decision not to risk the possible trip to France at Easter.  There’s nothing much else to report other than I’ve almost finished the epilogue for the book and Hilary Wainwright is about to start on the Forword that she promised to write for it, so I’ll be looking for visitors again in a week or so.

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