Saturday, April 23, 2011

Recycling and Radiotherapy

Having made lots of headway sorting through ‘the stuff’, I’ve got an appeal to send out to you. I’m looking for a good home for a collection of French stamps.

One of my teenage obsessions was with everything French – including stamps.  I built up quite a collection and my father contributed some fairly valuable ones (amongst his many other obsessions after his retirement being buying and selling stamps and coins). There are some complete sets and some very old stamps – all catalogued and labelled.  However, the dealers I consulted some years ago said its not really worth much and any collector would just take out the one or two worth more than a few pounds, which would spoil the sets, which I wouldn’t like to do.  So, if anyone out there knows someone – young or old – who would take an interest and give it a good home, please let me know.   

The LP archiving is nearly complete and I’m hoping the Council Library service will be sending a van out after Easter to collect the file boxes.  Then I’ve just got to decide what to do with holiday photos (???!!!) – any ideas? and every postcard ever sent to me by every friend on any holiday anywhere, ever ……. OMG!!!   Not to mention diaries, theatre programmes, birthday cards… etc … even more OMG!!!  What was I thinking for all those years?   

I spent a lovely afternoon with John Shiers on Tuesday.  We talked politics and shared our cancer experiences and he gave me lots of useful information - more of that in next posting.

Radiotherapy at the Christie on Thursday took 3 hours (mostly waiting in oppressive, hot and airless waiting rooms) – the actual treatment was less than 5 minutes.  The Doctor changed my pain med regime because he said there would be some more pain later (which the Oncologist hadn’t mentioned) and I needed Morphine patches.  But it took a long time for it all to kick in and I was in pain most of the night.  Karen and I were hoping to go to Colwyn Bay on Friday, but given my lack of sleep and Karen’s exhaustion from the heat and the driving, we decided not to go.  Having seen the reported traffic jams on all the coast roads, I think it was the right decision.  Anyway – we both slept really well last night and have had a much better, relaxing day today.

Karen has finished the book typesetting, produced a snazzy cover and e-mailed it off for 2 proof copies to be printed (at an amazing cost of only £20 within 3-4 days), so just proof reading and decisions about publishers to be done now.

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